Schnauzer Dabbing in Adult sized tshirt

The Schnauzer who dabs T-Shirt

I’m not normally one for gimmicky t-shirts but I love this one of the Schnauzer dabbing. You can see it here. It actually looks like pretty good value at $22.99 (about £17.80). There are ladies and youth sizes too and it’s available in five colours.

Ladies dabbing schnauzer tshirt
Ladies dabbing Schnauzer tshirt
Youth schnauzer dab t-shirt
Youth Schnauzer dab t-shirt

There are also hoodies available. If you’d like to see the whole range of Schnauzer merchandise we have then you can see it all here. There are mugs, t-shirts and hoodies and over 50 different designs. I know I’m biased, but they do make very good presents.


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