The K9 Dog Carrier backpack

I love this product. Whilst Frankie and myself walk absolutely miles together (currently at around 40 miles per week) she can’t come with me when I go out on my bike. So to be honest, I use the bike a lot less than I’d like to.

For you lucky people in the US, you have access to the K9 Sports backpack which allows you to carry your dog with you whether you’re on a bike, skateboard or even hiking.

There are lots of sizes available but I’d suggest that if your Schnauzer is a little too portly, you may want to get them walking, rather than make things worse by carrying them everywhere and the thought of lugging a 40lb+ dog on your back doesn’t appeal too much to me.

So if you have one, use one regularly or would just love one, let me know in the comments below. If you want one for yourself, you can get it here

Even on your bike, your Schnauzer can come with you too with the K9 Sports backpackForward facing backpack so your dog sees what you see with the K9 Sports backpacktwo ladies carrying their dogs with K9 Sports backpackWherever you go your schanuser can come with you with the K9 Sports backpack

You can see their promo video here

or another review from the guy who created it here



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