Review of Rosewood Hot Dog Sausages for Dogs

This sounds a little strange to me at first, but when I tested them on my own miniature Schnauzer Frankie, she absolutely loved them and then I did some digging and completely understand why.

Rosewood Hot dog sausages for dogs

They are completely full of meat. 91% meat, made up of 73% chicken and 18% Pork. I’m sure they aren’t the most prime cuts but I did a quick comparison to those that we are expected to eat as humans and they don’t contain as much meat!

This product from Asda, is actually only 81% meat.

They are also made at a human grade factory, so you could probably eat them if you really felt inclined. Not sure how they’d taste, but it’s probably better than the cheap, nasty Asda ones. They are also Gluten Free, so obviously don’t use rusk or biscuit as many human grade sausages¬†do.

Single pack Rosewood Hot dog sausages for dogs

So the big test, did Frankie the Schnauzer like them? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

Different versions of the hotdog concept are available around the world and these ones by Nathan’s look pretty tempting too. Not quite as high a meat content, but I’m sure if the reviews on Amazon are anything to go by, then they’ll go down pretty well too.

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Treats reviewNathan's Famous Hot Dog Treats review 2

The Nathan’s ones are more beef based, and also seem to contain beef hearts (sounds hideous to me) but I’m pretty sure your dog will love them too!

So what’s the composition of the Rosewood Hotdog Sausages?

Composition – Meat and animal derivatives (73% chicken + 18% pork), Derivatives of vegetable origin. Typical Analysis – Protein 17%, Fat Content 13.5%, Crude Ash 3.1%, Crude Fibres 0.7%, Moisture 64.3%



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