Miniature Schnauzer poses for the camera on white linen

Tell us your Schnauzer story – Funny, sad or just real life

We love stories and tall tales about Smart Schnauzers, silly Schnauzers and brave Schnauzers. So if yours has done something that’s beyond the call of duty, then please let us know.

If we use your story, we will pay you $20!

More details to follow.

6 thoughts on “Tell us your Schnauzer story – Funny, sad or just real life

  1. My 9 week old schnauzer under went major surgery to remove stones from his stomach , he came from the breeder with them as we never let him outside. The breeder claimed it was not there fault and never gave us any of our money back


    1. That’s terrible and I hope he/she is recovering now. There are some really dodgy breeders out there and it’s a bit hard to know how to avoid them. It’s why I’m only allowing listings from breeders who are Kennel Club certified or come highly recommended. Best of luck. Frankie and Johnny


  2. I suffered with breathing difficulty while walking my maizey in fields I was down on my hands and knees when she dashed to my side and licked and pawed me till I was back on my feet. She’s only 8 months old and a little monkey at times but she’s also my little hero


  3. I didn’t really know much about the breed when I decided to adopt a dog. I looked at a few dogs but none worked out. My friend told me about a local adoption event. It rained the day of the event but we braved it anyway. I looked at a couple and they were sweet but not the one. I walked by a tent and caught sight of a little salt and pepper dog. As soon as our eyes met I knew. I don’t remember any other dog in the tent. My friend suggested I walk her because she didn’t seem too excited. I had already made up my mind though. They said many people saw her that day and passed her up so they wanted to make sure I was serious before they let me walk her. I said I was and if I hadn’t made up my mind before, walking her did it. I took her home that day. She had a bit of a kennel cough, which explained the lack of energy. She was also shaved almost to the skin. That was 3 years ago last month. Now she’s fluffy, happy and the sweetest little girl I could ask for. Her name is Princess but she is the queen of her castle. I can’t imagine life without her.


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