Miniature Schnauzer Instagram style

Miniature Schnauzer Instagram Style

Miniature Schnauzers are very photogenic anyway, but if you apply a few simple filters and then a great crop to the image, you end up with some beautiful shots.

Here’s Frankie The Miniature Schnauzer in a few poses.

The image above shows her in a loving cuddle which is one of my favourite pictures ever.

This next one shows her clearly posing and looking at the camera on some nice white linen. Obviously with this one, we needed to make sure her feet where clean so we didn’t get into trouble!

Miniature Schnauzer poses for the camera on white linen

This third shot is again one I think looks pretty amazing and shows the detail of her eye and face. It’s super close up and has a very simple filter, but works beautifully.

Miniature Schnauzer detail of eye and face profile



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